Saturday, June 19, 2010

I have not written for a while.  Lots of news.  Another Grand baby!!  Miles Henry was born on June 15th and he is perfect.  No problems, healthy, big boy-8lbs 14oz WOOOO HOOO.
He has lots of hair and is a big as his cousin Penny!!!!
Art projects have been taking a backseat for the time being.  I have done some sewing projects and made a few ceramic leaves for a sculpture.  I will post a picture of Miles and a photo of our house because I have a big garden.  The garden takes time to weed but it is worth every minute of my time.  It is my Zen when I garden, time stands still.  How do you like my beautiful bird house my husband made for me as a gift.  LIFE IS GOOD AND WE ARE BLESSED.

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