Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Here are some Necklaces I made for the Etsy shop.  I started it on Aug 17, 2010 and I sell vintage items and ReMix.  These I consider remix because they started life as a wind chime but I didn't like it and decided to make them necklaces.   The shop is going well, I have a Facebook page also here is the link to the shop.  I am putting these on my art blog because I made these ceramic leaves , hand built slab and fired these the earth tones.  They were so pretty I thought someone would want a Bohemian type necklace.  These are for the girl who wants something like no one else has!! Sincerely, Babs


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Unknown said...

Barb, I like the word "refashioned." You have refashioned something and made it something else. Lovely!

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