Saturday, December 25, 2010

Mixing my Vintage RetroBabs world with my Art world

I thought you might be interested on how I try to mix my RetroBabs Vintage & ReMix shop on Etsy with the ART world where I make my personal art.
I recently was involved in an art show with the Village Artists, an art co-op in Homewood, IL.  I brought a vintage suitcase and travel train case and displayed my art work inside these vintage items.  I received many comments on the display, the quirky, kitschy arrangement of fine art against old retro products. I think the juxtaposition is what catches people off guard. I passed out cards for both of my life's ventures and I hope the melding of them brings new customers to my life.   Networking as such has been a very powerful tool for me.

I hope you have a great Holiday and take care. My next post will show you some of my latest art work!

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