Sunday, January 16, 2011

Love is in the Air and so is the Dust

Love is in the air and we are well on our way to Valentines day.  I have been busy revamping my art studio.  So much clutter.....!!!  I was sewing a lot for the grandkids for Christmas and  sewing stuff is all mixed in with art supplies.  I hope to continue on this path of vintage boxes and original watercolor paintings.  Each little box speaks to me and seems to say what type of painting they want!
 OK, I admit it,  I am loosing it, that means I've been up there toooooo long cleaning and dusting.
 I hope the Village Artists studio space will be ready soon. It is currently under construction and the pottery space has been bombed out for two months.  I long to throw pots and bowls again.

I made some resolutions for 2011:
To blog faithfully
To clean up after myself
To do my paper work
To paint or throw pots consistently
To swim at least once per week
To be thankful
I think these are doable and I will leave you with this one thought . Be Kind to Each Other.
Love Babs

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