Monday, October 17, 2011

Girlfriends in Homewood

I wanted to introduce you to a new friend-
Helen Fortino from GIRLFRIENDS in Homewood, IL.  She is the
proprietor /manager.  It is part upscale - resale and thrift store and part charitable animal awareness.  She donates part of her proceeds to NAWS -National Animal Welfare Society.
GIRLFRIENDS is located at 18046 Martin Ave. in Homewood, IL

She has agreed to show my wares as handmade pet dishes.  You can see a few of them here on this bureau.  Her customers are very receptive to this idea.  My bowls are bottom heavy and large, we think they will not move around or tip when the animal eats.  I am keeping my fingers crossed!
Her shop is filled to the brim with wonderful items, from clothing and  housewares to animal products.  I know I will enjoy collaborating with Helen.

I have been making some new designs with vintage silver plate spoons.  Helen asked if I would make a pet grave marker.  Here is what I came up with for her.
( Rest in Peace Felix) This was for her beloved pet.
Buying the silver plate spoons, hammering them flat, and stamping them is a lot of work.  I'm usually in a flop sweat by the end of the process!
I have made garden markers for herbs and  left a set with her.   I will custom stamp the names of the HERBS that the customers request.
You can see more spoon art at RetroBabs Vintage on Etsy.
I look forward to adding new art work and thinking of new uses for the silver  spoons.  Made this coat rack for a family member, personalized hooks.

You may reach Helen at the shop 708-206-2080. for the organization.
Blessings, Babs.

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