Sunday, October 09, 2022

Been busy in new home.

 Hello RetroBabs followers, I have been busy making my art studio out of this room in the basement. Stay tuned for remodeling photos!

Unfortunately, we had an issue of seepage in this basement which we had to remedy. It is fixed now and so stay tuned to future photos of the remodel.

Sadly, I sold my pottery wheel to a college student in Iowa.  I hope and pray it serves her well.  It was just too big and bulky to transport to my new digs.

Regardless of the set backs (unwanted water and selling off my loved art supplies) I have been painting.   

 I painted this little stool/ bed tray with a beach scene for an organization we have been volunteering for.  It is called Restore Decor and they are on the Main St in Edwardsville.  My hubby and I go there most Tuesday mornings and paint furniture to be resold at the shop, then proceeds go to charities. 

 It is a worthy cause , so I thought I could up the price of items for the shop by painting something on the furniture.  So here was my first try.  This piece did sell so I hope I am on the right track.  I have completed two more furniture for them and I will post those photos in my next entry. 

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I have been painting for charity.

 My husband and I have been painting for a charity, Restore Decor  .   We paint furniture to be resold in the two shops that Restore Decor o...