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I am a woman of many interests. On any given day you will find me painting in my studio, sculpting little heads out of clay, throwing pots and bowls on the wheel or writing. I also sew and make art out of found objects. I think I must have ADHD because I jump from project to project. I never get bored and I feel one should learn something new everyday.

Monday, June 08, 2015

Painted Door Project

Hello fellow artists,
I am involved in a community art project called Opportunity Knocks.  My hometown of Oak Forest has obtained 20 doors from an apartment building they were demolishing.  The alderman have put the word out that they wish these doors to be painted by the public and artists that live in Oak Forest.
PublicWorks guys setting it up. See the future doors are blank and one is covered in a  blue tarp that is a work in progress.

Here I am in my grubby painting clothes, YIKES.

The project will kicks off on Saturday June 27th at 159th St and Cicero.  I think 10 am.
The diamond shapes in the middle as well as the door knocker and handle were part of the original door. I incorporated  this into my design. The golden door knocker says OPPORTUNITY.

This is the back of the door. I had to paint the I-beams/struts to blend in.  I think I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself.  Hope to see you all at the presentation.

The doors will be on display until the late fall and then auctioned off to businesses or individuals. The money raised will be used to fund next years project.
As I was painting the door today a wonderful patron of the arts came up to me and wants to commission me to paint some doors in his yard!!   He took one of my cards- I hope he calls me.
Regardless of what happens I take his enthusiasm as a compliment.

Opportunity Knocks in Oak Forest: 1st public art project.  20 doors on display, presentation on Saturday, June 27th- During the Farmer's Market, commuter parking lot,  at approx. 10 am.
Hope to see you there!