Monday, March 13, 2023

I have been painting for charity.

 My husband and I have been painting for a charity, Restore Decor .  

We paint furniture to be resold in the two shops that Restore Decor operate in Edwardsville, IL. 

The proceeds go towards many different charities.  

I also do some specialized acrylic painting for them.  So far I have painted : a beach scene on a stool, a giant sunflower on a headboard, Frank Lloyd Wright/Craftsman era motif on a magazine rack, a peacock on a bed tray.  I am currently working on another peacock motif atop a piano bench.  

 This is a photo of the beach scene on a little stool.  The idea behind this is to make more money for the charity by enhancing an otherwise bland piece of furniture. 

I guess I must be doing something right because the pieces are selling and they keep asking me to paint more!!

Sunday, October 09, 2022

Been busy in new home.

 Hello RetroBabs followers, I have been busy making my art studio out of this room in the basement. Stay tuned for remodeling photos!

Unfortunately, we had an issue of seepage in this basement which we had to remedy. It is fixed now and so stay tuned to future photos of the remodel.

Sadly, I sold my pottery wheel to a college student in Iowa.  I hope and pray it serves her well.  It was just too big and bulky to transport to my new digs.

Regardless of the set backs (unwanted water and selling off my loved art supplies) I have been painting.   

 I painted this little stool/ bed tray with a beach scene for an organization we have been volunteering for.  It is called Restore Decor and they are on the Main St in Edwardsville.  My hubby and I go there most Tuesday mornings and paint furniture to be resold at the shop, then proceeds go to charities. 

 It is a worthy cause , so I thought I could up the price of items for the shop by painting something on the furniture.  So here was my first try.  This piece did sell so I hope I am on the right track.  I have completed two more furniture for them and I will post those photos in my next entry. 

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Monday, May 30, 2022

We Moved

Hello fellow artists and art patrons, 

we have moved our location to Edwardsville, Illinois.

Just wanted to update you on some current art work.  My new studio is still under construction but should be in working order soon. 

Here are a few watercolors: 

Iris is my favorite flower so I put this painting in a special frame (triple matted).

 I also made a painting with  mixed media ( watercolors and permanent markers).  These apple blossoms have a fun, lively shape and I thought they called for some embellishment.  It is unframed at the moment, I haven't found one I like yet.
Just thought I would check in and I hope to post more often.  Our move was an epic journey after living in Oak Forest for over forty years!! Take care.

Monday, June 08, 2015

Painted Door Project

Hello fellow artists,
I am involved in a community art project called Opportunity Knocks.  My hometown of Oak Forest has obtained 20 doors from an apartment building they were demolishing.  The alderman have put the word out that they wish these doors to be painted by the public and artists that live in Oak Forest.
PublicWorks guys setting it up. See the future doors are blank and one is covered in a  blue tarp that is a work in progress.

Here I am in my grubby painting clothes, YIKES.

The project will kicks off on Saturday June 27th at 159th St and Cicero.  I think 10 am.
The diamond shapes in the middle as well as the door knocker and handle were part of the original door. I incorporated  this into my design. The golden door knocker says OPPORTUNITY.

This is the back of the door. I had to paint the I-beams/struts to blend in.  I think I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself.  Hope to see you all at the presentation.

The doors will be on display until the late fall and then auctioned off to businesses or individuals. The money raised will be used to fund next years project.
As I was painting the door today a wonderful patron of the arts came up to me and wants to commission me to paint some doors in his yard!!   He took one of my cards- I hope he calls me.
Regardless of what happens I take his enthusiasm as a compliment.

Opportunity Knocks in Oak Forest: 1st public art project.  20 doors on display, presentation on Saturday, June 27th- During the Farmer's Market, commuter parking lot,  at approx. 10 am.
Hope to see you there!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Sorry, I haven't posted anything in a bit.  I have been working on different projects. 
I almost always paint in watercolors but sometimes I dabble in acrylics.  Here is a painting I did a while back.  A friend of mine invited me to take a class in Sullivan, Illinois.  The class was about stretching your boundaries and exploring new mediums.  Basically trying something different.
 I used the photographs I previously posted on this blog as inspiration, the ones of the Forest Preserves near my home.

11X14 acrylic on canvas
This painting is now in a private collection in Evanston, Illinois.  I am happy with it as I hope the new owners are!

Check out some of my other art work pertaining to furniture recycle/upcycle at
Blessings Babs

Monday, March 17, 2014

Studio Update and New Work

I thought you might like to see what I have been doing in my studio.
I have rearranged the room which is very small 8' x 8' with two doorways coming through it!!
I made half the room a sewing area.  Fabulous artwork compliments of my son-in-law Camm Rowland. It is entirely made out of paper strips!!

My sister gave me this lovely mid century modern dresser. I have filled it with fabric.

Curio shelf for my pottery and sculpture

My latest watercolor still in progress

I started with a simple and used Sharpie markers. This is a mixed media project.

There are some areas that have a sense of whimsy -thanks to the Sharpie markers. Feel free to comment on the studio update or artwork. I can always use a good critique!  

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Art work at a new venue

My art work can now be seen at a new venue, Evilena's Red Dresser in Frankfort, IL.

4"x6"   Crocus

wooden box, metal decorative frame

I have my work in their NEW fabulous shop which is actually their second store at: 20887 S LaGrange, Frankfort, IL 60423  815-464-2668    
Open Monday - Friday 10 to 6, Saturday 10 to 5.

The vibe inside the new store is very industrial with the help from the wonderful ladies of COLLECTED.
 (These designers help folks restyle their dwelling by reusing their own stuff!
 They specialize in home and event styling.  )

burl wood box
  Evilena's took a fancy to my little boxes, the ones I refurbish and place an original watercolor painting inside. These are a few of the designs.  Check out the shop to see more.
felt lined for trinket or jewelry

 I also have a few small painting that relate to their kitchen kitsch feel.
5"x 7"
"Tomato & Cabbage -Soups ON"

Jan Sabey, the owner is so enthusiastic and encouraging to me by accepting my work into her shop.   I truly appreciate she named the shop after her beloved mother, donates to charity, has a prayer box inside her store ( you slip a note into the box about what/why you need prayers ) and wants to feature original art.

Just blogging to keep you folks updated on this starving artist's latest.

I have been painting for charity.

 My husband and I have been painting for a charity, Restore Decor  .   We paint furniture to be resold in the two shops that Restore Decor o...