Sunday, February 16, 2014

7 projects to occupy the long winter months

Hello fellow artists and welcome to my blog.
I thought you might like to see some other projects I create when I 'm not painting or throwing pottery.

Vintage mecury Christmas bulbs from 1950's , Elf from 1960's
I made this Christmas wreath from my precious vintage ornaments.  My idea was to keep them all together and I think they are protected from breakage by being fused together.  It was risky to use glue but it has worked out well. This wreath is stored in a special box and placed far away from any damage, kept deep in a closet.
The Elf on the Shelf was an added perk for my grandchild.

I also crochet on occasion because it is a good way to kill the time in the long winter months.  It has been a LONG winter in Chicago this year!
Crocheted scarf

Hand painted chopstick pin

Little Sprout hat
A blue  cowl neck/loop type scarf with a hand painted chopstick pin.
  The "little sprout" hat was custom made for my grandson, Wynn Elliott.

Letters made from maps

Food served out of suitcases and clothes hung on line
I enjoy planning events like this baby shower decor and using my vintage items like suitcases,cameras and retro baby clothing.  Not to forget my Baby Boy sign made out of maps.  The letters came out a little wonky but worked for the occasion.  The theme was Around the World and I was able to incorperate travel  and different countries in the decor.
Vintage cameras, suitcase, globe and umbrella

Fairy Garden
Fairy Penelope
As an avid gardener I encouraged my granddaughter, Penny, to make a fairy garden. Lots of family members helped but she was in charge of the pinecones and purple ribbon.  She is a little Fairy herself and loves the TUTU  I made for her!
I  quilt when I am not crocheting.  Here is a quilt I made for myself out of my vintage fabric.  I also combined some modern fabric I purchased; it is just a lap quilt that lives on the back of my sofa.
Mid Century Modern Quilt apporved by Noa LiLou and Wynn Elliott
I know it is hard to concentrate on the quilt when you have the two tubby pals to look at.  These chubby cherubs are 2 of the 3 granchildren born into our family in the year!
Newest Granddaughter Adeline Ivy with her big brother Miles

I just wanted to share with you as an update
 -there is more to my art than painting-
branching out of the studio keeps me creative and grounded.
 I hope you are creating and growing as we are in my family.
Have a blessed 2014.

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